Apr 12, 2012

0200 hours

4 mins past 0200 hours in the morning.
something clicked.something came unstuck after a really long time.
As i log onto my blog page, i realize it has been 373 days since my last post.long time huh..really it is a long time to get thoughts together in a single coherent paragraph.From start till end.
12 unfinished blogs.This just shows how so annoyingly i have failed to organize my thoughts together. it has been a real fighting year for me. fighting to deal with people. fighting to make it to the place where i want to go. fighting to make my voice heard in all the commotion. it is really hard to pen your thoughts in times when things are not going how you wished they'd go. Frankly, i am really understanding the meaning of all my previous blogs on life right now. But I am not going to cower, make a bad face or unjustly curse someone or something but am going to give it another "fight" and not let this become another of my unfinished blogs.

Life is not about being right or making the right choices all the time.It's as much about making mistakes and learning from them. It's so much more about learning to deal with things when you make all the right choices. It's about that desire, zeal and passion to achieve the things that you always dreamed off as a kid. Simply put it's about not giving up!!

It's about believing in yourself and your abilities. It's about being, doing and becoming. As for me I hit a roadblock on the streetlight called "doing" and took a wrong turn onto the road called "expecting". The state where a person gets dejected even after putting in effort.Over time it grows into a feeling of being unjustly unlucky. The state where all his sentences begin in the past tense and end there.

Over time the realization dawns; to get up in the morning and work hard,run hard,think hard,sweat hard,talk hard and enjoy hard; go the extra mile, make the additional gesture and stretch that extra bit just to make it count. To start living in the present; not the past, not the future,but The Present.
It is then that life begins to unfold its many mysteries and takes you on a roller coaster ride across countries, people and cultures.

Let go off the steering wheel
n throw out the map;
Put in the effort
n jump in the back;
Become a tourist in this ride,
Enjoy the uncertainty and relax.


Ankita said...

Sorry this is going to be very direct -- the tone is a little sad and filled with regret. You obviously did not expect too much or did too little -u'll continue to do well and go places. as far as the writing is concerned-it's simple and thoughtful. keep going.

Amy Kumar said...

Keep up the spirit ! Way to go !

Anonymous said...

..Reminds me of my old self..A good write-up..very well written/expressed..!!

Coral Jain said...
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Coral Jain said...

People take time to realize wat I think yu already have.. Yu have found the key to happiness..
It is a brilliant article.. n expresses ur determination to'make it count' in life.. My wishes..