Sep 24, 2012

Work 1.0.!!

Heylo.Quite some time.Well lots to write about.
So here begins the journey!Jump on board.

Out of college.Out of home.To make the world my home!(haha..sounds funny)
Excited to work with the largest car organization in the country.
Cool experience; one from which learnings were immense.
Induction into the company, company presentations
From Core values and ethics
To Assertiveness and Presentation skills.
Interacting with group heads,business heads and even pantry guys (the most important people, seriously,they'll help you out when the entire office is against you)
Group CEO's appreciating gave a real high.
"The only difference was of a business suit"!!-Alok,would always remember that my friend.
Made some really awesome friends and seniors.

The "Paying Guest Stint", the bloody sinus,the Kashmiri friend, the long night discussions, the "Sports Bar" nights, the Tuborg and Peanut masala,the 3rd floor Beverly Hills apartment,the happy birthdays, the misty mornings, the sunrise pushups on the terrace, the morning rush to office, the drives back home.

The "Own Flat Awesome Period",
The midnight snacking, the Facebook "checking out" nights
The business idea nights(Midnight Maggi B-Plan
The economics-politics, fate of country kind of discussions
The all night guitar-songs-beer-friends get togethers
The tussle with the cook aunti, the fights about cleaning the flat
The off-hand smoke(Gudang Garam) sitting in garden, the occasional HIGH!
The confirmation party on 16th December 2009,the 12 cheese burst pizzas, friends who got kicked out the next day

The 8:45 AM reporting time, the hangover office,the pathetic office lunch
The PVR movie plans, the study nights, the birthday party
The "Legendary Christmas Party" on 25th December 2009.
The Firefox Biking Mornings with friends
The mornings biking on Ashoka Road on way to Rashtrapati Bhavan!!
The salute to the guards at India Gate
The late night drives on NH8, eventually ending at India Gate eating Rs 5 Orange Bar Ice cream.

Work begins..Weight.Steel.Area.Plastic.Density.Rubber.Fixed & Variable cost.Market research,bench marking,new model,risk-gap-spend analysis, feasibility, profitability, viability..Wow..feels so high tech now!!

The resignation, the liberation
The 2 months of playing and enjoying.
Seniors and juniors(not exactly though, chottu's), the evening tennis matches..
Me,the badminton pro and the basketball champ, yea me!!hahahaa..Sultan sir and Ankita Pant. I get to write it here.Beat you to it. The long long lunches.
The Delhi restaurant exploration period
Coriander Leaf, Tito's, Moets, Sultans of Arabia, Not Just Paranthas, 21 Guns, Bigh Chill, Cafe Morisson, Rajouri, Lajpat Nagar, GK-M block.

The farewell.
Abhishek Sultan, Murthy Sir, Apurv Sir n kidos'-Ankita Pant n Amy!!
Cherish the lunches.
Miss kicking all of your asses in evening matches at MDI.
Miss the aimless drives to India Gate.
I know for sure luck is always with all you guys!!

Miss that passionate talks over smokes; first thing in morning!
Sultan Sir's "Phod ke ana!!"

Meet soon to catch up!!

Miss the times. (Sultan Sir's BBM says,"Ohh.koinaa..tym ka kya hai, fir aajega..")
The world is calling.
Where are you?!

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