Jun 7, 2010


Well long time since i was here.been busy.Well to start off,this is a write up of the frustration pent up in my head for a long time, one that hasn't eased much but have found a way of coping with it...

Life :a: quest..i'm as confused as anyone can be.Not knowing where i want to be.I hate myself for being this way.Being stuck in this city, in this work profile, with these people only compounds to my misery.Work begins at 9 & drags mercilessly through the day as a hot,dry gurgaon day.Gurgaon a city, or a desert, i'm confused again;...

With people( bosses)conspiring, conspicuosly & inconspicuously.Work that i find no interest in doing.People, i find no intention of talking or learning from..I often wonder,how people can have absolutely no self respect or integrity in kissing the anyone's ass..I hate such people.People who have serious ego issues.

But maybe this is another part of growing up.I don't know if i'll do MBA or what, but i have noticed that being a manager is quite a tough task. And people who don't know how to make work fun never enjoy the support of the subordinates. Many people argue that work cannot be fun,but that is exactly what is expected from managers.

Pathetic managers, there are in my department. Guys, i don't know from where,having absolutely no intelligence,having amassed the way to do things by virtue of the time spent in office,,dumb as an ass yet with the agility to jump in at the right moment and kiss anyone' ass,moving up the organizational hierarchy n becoming my manager.
So called managers, who find it difficult to frame a sentence, let alone speaking it in front of a group of people in English.I hate people who speak wrong English.I hate people who have distorted perceptions of their importance in the company.The sycophantic hierarchy that persists here.

Huh..The first time you see it, you are actually & positively disgusted to the core.But perhaps,the training period is HR's way to accustom you to what lies ahead.It is actually a good observation period,though.A time that lets you know that you are way better than most other people.

But what happens when you are surrounded by thousands of servile sycophantic people,all trying to have a go at your neck. You get accustomed to what you are doing. You get comfortable.You stop fighting the system. And when that occurs, you start falling down to their level.I don't know if i'm right or wrong or if i'll be laughing at myself when i read this some years from now, but as of now i think that what matters most is how you distinguish yourself from the crowd.
Being different, in your thinking,different in the way of working, your way of talking,not to take things for granted & most importantly not to take anyone's word for anything, to stick up against the system,to have the guts to make jokes about your boss when he can hear them,to challenge him,to question him,to beat him,to make mistakes,learn from them & giving it sum' back to your boss.....
A few apt lines from a book i read sometime back explain the thoughts clearly......

"A thousand voiceless faces
cast in the same mold
urging you to do as you're told...........

A thousand faceless voices
singing the same tone
urging you to drop
the song of your own>..........

Fight to rise above the crowd
cause when all's said n done
all u have to show is the little individuality you've earned"

Only way to survive thru this miserable ordeal in the organization is to make your own support structure of friends & close people, who help you chill out..Drink beer, get high,check out pretty girls,follow them & enjoy the part of life that is as crucial as any other...So you get up the next day,fresh from the life you lived yesterday & go to work with a spring in your step..Not be fazed by the dullness around you,holding the head a good 6 feet above the ground,humming the songs you like, to keep the zeal of learning & getting out, the most important thing in your life over and above any work you do..

It is important to live your life and not make work your life...