Sep 20, 2009

taking stock..A3C of life.!

its been a month and a half in this new takes a whole lot of a different meaning in corporate life..people start talking in "the corporate language"..yet behind all the hot shot words like competency,efficiency, productivity, core values,corporate communication, there's
another battle of thoughts swirling within me..
have met quite a lot of people,observed them,questioned them,reasoned with them to understand how they are what they are..and how to become not one of them but someone different and better than them..
its been one of the most amazing week of my entire life of 21 years..interacted with subject matter experts (sme's);people who have got 'simple' answers to all the complex problems in to know the meaning of de-briefing a learning..

3C's - of change,courage and confidence..

Change..change is the way of life..its one of those things waiting to happen..its the manner in which it comes into one's life that we resist.if the change is in the form of using an ipod replacing a walkman,it'd be a piece of cake;but if the same is in the form of changing attitude, it becomes hell difficult..change is open to it..don't stagnate n die,change n flourish..

Courage...courage is not the absence of fear,rather is the conquest of fear..courage comes from a sense of feeling good about the things happening and a mindset that what the hell,I'll be able to do it..courage requires willpower..will power derives from self-belief..

Confidence...break the shell!!come out of long would you shy away from talking in front of an confident..make a mark for yourself..being confident requires effective communication..listening and speaking the right stuff, with the proper body language and tone and using the accurate crisp words to put your point across, with a smile...

Attitude...attitude defines indicator of beliefs and one's thought process..
"accepting change,having courage to adapt to it,having the confidence to overcome it and grow comfortable with it and finally having the right attitude towards the things that matter to you is how my maam's';having a bundle of energy, describe 'life'"....
that's what I've been able to figure out... :)
more 2 learn..cya!

Jun 25, 2009


mouse is clicking;
clock is ticking....
CPU is humming;
movie is downloading..
screen is flickering;
birds are singing....
fan is swooshing;
chimes are chiming....
wind is blowing;
leaves are rustling....
children are laughing;
elders are gossiping....

i am cycling!
clouds are thundering....
rain is falling;
ground is smiling....

rain is falling hard;
urging me to pedal hard...
from under the cap i see;
the sky is lighting my way...
the wind is blowing me away;
and setting me free....

i leave the handlebar;
and look at the sky,
feel the rain falling on my face,
while i hear someone honking for his way.....
cursing under breath,i let him pass by,
realizing its a girl and not a guy......
so as the 'him' turned out to be a 'her'
i let my gaze fall upon her...
as i saw that pretty face,
time seemed to have slowed its pace....
she slowed her kinny,
i did not,don't know why???
seeing rain trickle down her cheek...
so beautiful she seemed,
wanted to kiss that rain drop on that cheek...
i was still pedalling,
the bike hit the fence hard...
i gained my senses,but it was too late,
i was already flying over my head.....

my back made the first contact
made me think of 'Houston,the eagle has landed'....
i winced there in pain
not knowing what i was to gain...
closed my eyes,cursing myself
opened my eyes to find that damsel,herself
she asked,"are you okay?"
still groggy,closed my eyes again...
she touched my hand,tried to lift me;
up on my two feet,still felt queasy....
so close felt like an angel standing next to me,
her eyes staring at me...
she started to leave,
not knowing she had her hand clutched on me...
i managed a thanks ,words failed me yet again
and it was pouring again....

getting soaked again

i realized what got me into this tumble,
moved with a sprinters agility
and caught hold of her,
brought my palm close to her face,
let that rain drop fall from her face
and into my palms face....

she giggled, i smiled,
she began to leave,
words failed me again....
i saw her leave and then opened my palm,
and kissed the rain drop that kissed her cheek...

sat there on the fence,
letting the rain fall on me
closed my eyes
n thought of her face n voice...

life-the way i see it..

if somebody asks you what is life.what would your answer be..the question is even more complex than the answer.the answer,meanwhile depends on the person to whom the question is asked to..but what if that person were you.even better,imagine you are the the pearly white gates of heaven and God asks you to define life..he entices you to answer him in hope of rewarding you with an even better next life on earth..what would your answer be..
for those who never pondered over this question during their stay here,its a pity that they in a sense never cared for the reason of their existence;suffice to say that they just existed not lived..they were just some people out of God's notebook..for others who did, the answer would be quite simple..
life is a multitude of mistakes..a multitude of corrections...and practically life can neither be right nor can just be is in not knowing what lies beyond the next is about taking chances..doing something you never thought of order to understand why god put us here in this form,it is quintessential to live see the nuances of different forms and appreciate the beauty of understand that people are essentially they look,what they feel and how they perceive things is different..
an important part of life is change..with time,things change and so do the people living in those learn to incorporate such changes in your system is like passing through the college of,its all about prioritizing your needs and ambitions and working around smartly to achieve them...
LIFE...prioritize but do not is supposed to be a mystery and the mystery is best left solved;not planned to be solved and then not solved..

Apr 29, 2009

Nearing the end..! it will be hard to say good bye..!

Last days of Last week of last month of last year of college..

its kind of hard to express how you feel during these times.Its like everything you feel somehow gets stuck up in your throat and refuses to come out.

4 years on...
4 years is a long time considering the days hours n minutes that make it, but now it seems as if it was just yesterday that I came to this place.Seems as if just yesterday i saw all my friends at PU-audi and wonder "Man, he was soo geeky...O yaar!!,she was so thin then n now she's soo hott..!
Yea we came and now its time to go.We come,we go.

What will remain is all those indelible memories of bunking, cheating in exams, sleeping in classes, proxy marna, making fools of prof's, late nights at lake, night outs, PEC fests, first dates, trying out drinking, drinking regularly, birthdays treats and birthday bumps, lunch's at STU-c, the regular gupshup, last minute pe assignments, laptop me movies dekhna puri raat, class bina nahaye jana, attendance ke liye teachers ke piche bhaagna, papers me fail hona fir teachers go galiyan dena...

I am going to miss this place..

yaad aayega ye campus aur iski apni ye duniya..!

Leaving school wasn't as hard as this is going to be.Maybe it was beacuse we weren't mature enough to understand what we were leaving behind..
But now its going to be soo difficult to leave this place..
Maybe its because of the classrooms where we sat on the first day of college..
Maybe its because of the friends we made here..
Maybe its the teachers that became soo involved with us..
Maybe its because of those football games in basketball ground..
Maybe its because of PEC market n all its memories n food..
Maybe its because of joy of watching movies in the audi passing comments, whistling n all..
Maybe its because of the hostel rooms in where we spent our first night out drinking..
Maybe its because of all the adult movies we watched..
Maybe its because of the cafe where we bugged others for a free lunch and sometimes got ourselves bugged..
Maybe its because of running n begging the teachers to complete the attendance..
Maybe its because of all those up-hill trips..
Maybe its because of the thrill of living life with no tension..
Maybe its because of those power point presentations of projects copied from net..
Maybe its because the time we cheated in exam n experienced the high it gave..
Maybe its because the first date that we went on..
Maybe its because of the freshers n getting drunk..
Maybe its because of the farewells n getting high again..
Maybe its because of all those calls to friends after getting drunk..
Maybe its because of all those hot girls that we ogled at...
Maybe its because of all the weird discussions we had ranging from politics to girls..
Maybe its because of all the gand we paod while watching movies at FR n PVR..
Maybe its because of the fight with friends..
Maybe it because thrill of going for internship..
Maybe its because of the thrill n anxiety of first interview of life..
Maybe its because of the joy of getting placed..
Maybe its because of the act of consoling friends who didn't make through..
Maybe its because of the politics during the placement days..
Maybe its just because of staying late at college..
Maybe its because of the director's daughters at gym..

Maybe its because of the "FRIENDS" we made here..

Maybe its because all these incidents just intended to happen to make these 4 years pass on in a whiff..!I don't know..

Its going to be very hard to leave this place..!
It will be hard to say good bye..!

Apr 1, 2009

i want to

i want the whole world to know me.
i want to travel all over , i WANT to see the world
i want to see my parents happy.
i want to go up north
i want to live in the mountains
i want to be a mechanic making the space shuttle
i want to teach small kids
i want to go down south
i want to climb mountains there too
i want to fly jet planes
i want to go where no one has gone before.
i want to own an audi
i want to go to usa
i want to go to colorado
i want to go to siberia
i want to go the farthest corners of the world
i want to go the leh- ladhak and spend some years there, far away from everyone.
i want to be a shepherd
i want to tend cattle
i want to live out of a truck
i want to go to spain to see the people who worship god by setting them on fire
i want to learn how to speak spanish
i want to go into space n look at the earth below
i want to dance all night long.
i want to learn guitar
i want to grow long hair
i want to be a F1 driver or for that matter even in the pits would do
i want to be the UPS/DHL guy delivering stuff to peoples houses n seeing the smile on their faces
i want to see the great wall
i want to be able to be more eloquent
i want to make my writing big
i want to swim with the dolphins
i want to climb the snow covered peaks of the north using ice picks
i want to know how to use photoshop more precisely
i don't want to study C for the millionth time n still not get it..
i want to get over my presentation phobia
i want to to explore my strengths
i want to exploit my weaknesses
i want to be able to do more push ups..Grrr
i want to get a tatoo
i want to ride my bike 4ever.want to be a biker
i want to be myself in front of others(read girls)
i want to able to make a good impression
i want to abuse(read HIT) some people
i want to love some
i want a lovely friend to spend the rest of my life with
i want to drink vodka tonight.....