Oct 26, 2008

Finding your horizon..!

Its all about finding your horizon..
From the day you are born,brought into this world,you have a purpose in life..Like being a baby with a purpose to have to speak to communicate your needs,,purpose of wanting to know to stand up on your two feet bcoz someone said life looks
kinda good from up there..
Like being a kid wanting to have the toys to engage in nasty fights with your own GI Joe set..like being a kid and running away from your mother's arms as they reach to catch you to take you home to do your homework....
Like being a teenager and wanting to impress the girl 2 houses away or the one sitting next to you in class..like being a teenager and jumping on your bike,as soon as your mother starts snoring to catch up with friends in the school ground to play basketball while discussing your latest crushes...
Growing up and realising the need to study to get into a good college and realising the purpose to make your parents proud..Parents,,that brought you into this world,,the ones who made their purpose to give up their needs just to ensure that we could have ours while we were growing up..Indeed..its all about finding your horizon..
Like passing on into another year college,,realising that it would be just as fun as the previous one..like going into final year realising that it would be your last booze party with your friends..like leaving college and realising that the one really good friend you made weren't going to be together afterall..
Like growing up into an adult working and realising your purpose of not wanting to act like a kid anymore to save yourself from trouble..like being an adult and realising the purpose of saying just what your girl friends needs to hear..like being an adult and realising that you are the only thing your parents have..realising your purpose of taking care of them while giving up your need just so you can fulfill those last ones of them..its' all about finding your horizon..

Horizon ,,the line that divides earthly earth from the heavenly starry sky.. the line crossing which you pass onto into an absolutely new world,where everything might seem bright like the sun or just as dark like the vast expanse of space...where everyone..every moment seems different,awsome..unnatural,exciting filled tremendous opportunities,,but sometimes you just wish you had never crossed the line....

Oct 19, 2008

Days that won't be back-1

The winter morning was chilly..Mom woke me and my brother up..But i wanted to lay in my cozy bed , snuffling n snoozing,trying to to find a path through a mystical dark forest along a river slithering as a snake,with high mountains protecting the trees from the first rays of the morning sun..

Suddenly i was jolted out of my dream,thanks to my brother..My brother..hmm..a guy blessed with such an amazing will power.Angry like hell, got out of the bed, cursing him for ever being born before me..why God,why..why this unfairnes..Dressing up for school was like passing through a gauntlet,with a shower in the frezzing cold water(mom insisted), to eating that dreaded egg fry or what ever it was...but most satisfying was the part when my brother was told to tie my shoe-laces since i couldn't do it then(I'm embarrased)..HaHA..but still..ones' got to enjoy it,while one can... i smattered my tounge all over my lips enjoying every bit of it..Waiting at our stop were two individuals who so even wouldn't look at each other..getting on the rumbling bus,we passed onto two very different yet parallel universes..catching up with friends,cursing one another,warming our hands,playing pranks on each other,completing homework..reachin school,it seemed as if I had been caged from my homes,made to shower in ice cold water, eat egg-fry,put in a rumbling bumbling of a vehicle and dropped on the gates of hell..nervously walking from the gate to the classroom,praying that perhaps the teachers wouldn't come today...It's a sad reality which i have come to asses in my life and is that what i pray for is almost never guranted..But all through thinking this going through hell, there was one thing that i looked forward to, n that was sitting with this amazing girl..Oh yeaa..it was 5th standard..she was like an angel..with eyes like pearls nd hair so neatly tucked into a braid..with carefully starched uniform,she would carry herself so perfectly..she made me look like a immature baboon who couldn't even tie his shoe laces..i felt really embarrrased..i couldn't talk to her..how coud i..yet this demon teacher of ours made us sit together..bt we did..n we became good friends..The thought of seeing her ,talking to her, made all that getting up in the morning worthwhile..
It seemed i had a purpose in life..The boring periods dragged on mercillessly,killing us ..though some had the ability to doze of nd wake up just like tht..unfortunately i never had it..but you see, i couldn't..It's an ironical that the same hell that i dreaded coming into in the morning, i wanted to stay in it for as long as possible towards the end..But like all good things come to an end..the day did too..
Walking out,i saw my brother and he too from a distance..We snarled at each other..ughh..getting on to bus..i felt a pang in my stomach..why did we have to leave..i did not want to go home to a teasing big brother n homework n egg-fry..ughh....
but a little part of me did..