Dec 24, 2011

You can shove it...

To Mr G San,
Well this animated behavior is an indication of your inability to convince me.Your inability or rather choosing not to learn English further testifies to your inflexible attitude.In a book i recently read, some high profile author who had spent better part of his life researching about economies and developing countries compared "YOU" to the Europe of the east of the pre-industrialization era. How i wish to inform him that "YOU" are in fact just a nation of hard working,pedantic weird,non-english speaking bunch of baboons.Nothing more, nothing LESS.
Sitting in the room with your ensemble of 3 interpreters,one may well think that a well-thought off, intellectual discussion might ensue, but alas i only hoped "YOU" didn't open your dumb witted brain and let your pathetic thoughts flow out your mouth.
"YOU" might have an IQ of 120 or 150,but unless you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth and are able to convince in a language that everyone in this world speaks, you are just as valuable to me as a penny found on the side of the street.And that is crap for me.
"YOU" are coming here to negotiate but does "YOUR" tiny brain even have the slightest knowledge of nuances of human interactions, the importance of body language and in general the courtesis of human behavior. For you Mr, I have only one simple question.How can one be so dumb-witted and stupid.
Waving your hands dramatically in a meeting and babbling incoherently in a meeting,
"YOU" don't even have the courage to look me in the eye.
But allow me to enlighten "YOU" on this so called subject of interpersonal skills, which i suppose seems to have been comfortably missed from your curriculum. They are not developed living in "YOUR" mama's home, nor can "YOU" learn those from the books and most certainly they cannot be learned unless you the know language in which the world communicates. Well, if you choose to adopt a condescending attitude to the things described above, then "my friend" from the land of the rising sun, "YOU" are just digging your own grave.Just remember that in 8 years time, 48% of the your population will over 30 years of age. "MY Friend",not a good position to be in.
So the next time "YOU" come for a meeting,think twice, loose the interpreters and look me in the eye.

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Shrudness said...

Hahahaha! LOVED this one! Well expressed!