Apr 4, 2011


Summer of 2010..Don't tell me; i know the phrase is clichéd,but I don't care.So here it is:the summer of 2010...
Hmm.,let me catch up,lot has happened,sun has gone up n down many number of times
times have changed -> changed has the world
world has moved on -> being on time has been a problem
problems have come to be called issues
is(i)sues used by people having serious issues
issues involving people -> people who do not smile
smile only the freshers -> fresher;me..
me made cool friends -> friends from different places
places we explored -> explored using Google maps
mapped the jungles of sariska ->sariska, a tiger reserve
reserve of beer cans in car
Car ride 1 to Rishikesh,
golf course to whirlpool, splashed in all rapids.
Rapids to the cliff jump, Maggi at the cliff jump,
jumping with joy soon led to a miserable time at office,
with no goal and no direction -> confusion and confidence hit rock bottom,
gave the CAT,was surprised.
Car ride 2 to airport
Delhi -> Chennai -> Mahabalipuram,with a great friend,
marveled at nature's beauty.
Car ride 3 to the airport
Delhi -> Bangalore.
Bangalore at Christmas,
Leela and the bowling allies, CCD's and the 'corner house'
'13th floor and the sea food festival'
'special is the word'
Special is the roar of a 350cc,twin spark 'Royal Enfield Classic'
Classic is the walk on the lake with a close friend..
Car ride 4 to airport
Delhi-> Bangalore -> Chennai -> ECR
ECR to the TAJ vivanta beach,
on the beach under the moonlit sky,
sky filled with stars
Feeling that a lot is yet to be done
immense opportunities yet to explore
New shores and new horizons beckon.!
This is just the start..!