Sep 20, 2009

taking stock..A3C of life.!

its been a month and a half in this new takes a whole lot of a different meaning in corporate life..people start talking in "the corporate language"..yet behind all the hot shot words like competency,efficiency, productivity, core values,corporate communication, there's
another battle of thoughts swirling within me..
have met quite a lot of people,observed them,questioned them,reasoned with them to understand how they are what they are..and how to become not one of them but someone different and better than them..
its been one of the most amazing week of my entire life of 21 years..interacted with subject matter experts (sme's);people who have got 'simple' answers to all the complex problems in to know the meaning of de-briefing a learning..

3C's - of change,courage and confidence..

Change..change is the way of life..its one of those things waiting to happen..its the manner in which it comes into one's life that we resist.if the change is in the form of using an ipod replacing a walkman,it'd be a piece of cake;but if the same is in the form of changing attitude, it becomes hell difficult..change is open to it..don't stagnate n die,change n flourish..

Courage...courage is not the absence of fear,rather is the conquest of fear..courage comes from a sense of feeling good about the things happening and a mindset that what the hell,I'll be able to do it..courage requires willpower..will power derives from self-belief..

Confidence...break the shell!!come out of long would you shy away from talking in front of an confident..make a mark for yourself..being confident requires effective communication..listening and speaking the right stuff, with the proper body language and tone and using the accurate crisp words to put your point across, with a smile...

Attitude...attitude defines indicator of beliefs and one's thought process..
"accepting change,having courage to adapt to it,having the confidence to overcome it and grow comfortable with it and finally having the right attitude towards the things that matter to you is how my maam's';having a bundle of energy, describe 'life'"....
that's what I've been able to figure out... :)
more 2 learn..cya!

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kanika said...

hmmm....seems like u attended the class quite seriously!!
omg u remember so much.... kudos to u...
on a serious note i understand wat ur going thru as everyone of us is struggling wid this change.. we r wid u in this battle!!