Jun 25, 2009

life-the way i see it..

if somebody asks you what is life.what would your answer be..the question is even more complex than the answer.the answer,meanwhile depends on the person to whom the question is asked to..but what if that person were you.even better,imagine you are the the pearly white gates of heaven and God asks you to define life..he entices you to answer him in hope of rewarding you with an even better next life on earth..what would your answer be..
for those who never pondered over this question during their stay here,its a pity that they in a sense never cared for the reason of their existence;suffice to say that they just existed not lived..they were just some people out of God's notebook..for others who did, the answer would be quite simple..
life is a multitude of mistakes..a multitude of corrections...and practically life can neither be right nor wrong...life can just be lived..life is in not knowing what lies beyond the next corner...life is about taking chances..doing something you never thought of doing..in order to understand why god put us here in this form,it is quintessential to live life..to see the nuances of different forms and appreciate the beauty of things..to understand that people are essentially different..how they look,what they feel and how they perceive things is different..
an important part of life is change..with time,things change and so do the people living in those times..to learn to incorporate such changes in your system is like passing through the college of life...life,its all about prioritizing your needs and ambitions and working around smartly to achieve them...
LIFE...prioritize but do not plan..life is supposed to be a mystery and the mystery is best left solved;not planned to be solved and then not solved..

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harsimran said...

nice 1.. life is about living for others, or urself.. watever it be live life kingsize.. according to ur own norms